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Baby Teeth Are Going to Fall Out, So Why Take Care of Them?

Baby teeth are just going to fall out anyway, so why is it vital to take care of them? Find out why “nature's braces” set the stage for a ... source

Home Dental Care for People with Disabilities

Full video with all segments related to oral health care for people with disabilities. From ACHIEVA's Disability Health Initiative. source

Innovations in Dentistry: Oral Care and Painless Dentistry

1:46 - How often are there new innovations in dentistry 2:41 - Determining which products to use in her practice 3:51 - Which ... source

Oral Health

Tiny teeth are important too! In this video, Dr. Lanre Falusi shares tips on helping your child have a healthy smile. For more information, visit ... source

Diet and your dental health

Follow these nutritional tips for healthy teeth and gums. source

Innovations in Dental Care and DentiCal – Development Disabilities

Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) Paul Glassman, DDS. University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. Recorded on 03/08/2018. Series: "Developmental Disabilities ...

History of Dentistry – Demons and Tooth Worms – Extra History – #1

If you live in Minnesota, learn more at freechildcheckups.com and GetCTC.com. If you don't, check here: ... source

How to Brush Your Teeth

Brief video on the proper technique for brushing your teeth. For more information on brushing please visit ... source

Dentists: Doctors of Oral Health

A dentist is a doctor who specializes in oral health. They diagnose diseases of the mouth, create treatment plans, promote oral health, monitor development, ...

Why dental implants hurt! – Dentist explains…

Dr. O explains the reason why dental implants may be painful and what Innovative Dental does to provide a much more comfortable treatment for missing teeth. ...

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