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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

The changing landscape of medical travel

Regardless of the impression of the pandemic on medical journey and tourism usually, ...
Medical Tourism

Medical travel agencies and facilitators – survival of the fittest?

The appearance of the pandemic and its impression on journey has hit companies ...
Medical Tourism

Medigo has shut down their medical travel platform

In recent times, we’ve seen the speedy development of on-line facilitated medical ...
Medical Tourism

The medical travel survivors of COVID-19 will be the ones that benefit in 2021

On December 31, 2019, the World Well being Group discovered about plenty of ...
Medical Tourism

What can Google Trends tell us about medical tourism in 2020?

Google has reported that 5% of all searches are healthcare associated. Google ...
Medical Tourism

The economic value of medical tourism is often the forgotten piece in the jigsaw

We know how difficult it is to measure medical tourism flows. e.g. How many patients ...
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