Dental Crown Procedure Start To Finish. w/ Explanation #C6

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Top Dental Care Tips for Babies

Good oral health is important, especially for children. This video outlines the top dental care tips for babies—because even infants can have tooth decay. ...

Full Mouth Dental Restoration – LIVE Treatment

Join us as we transform a full mouth LIVE! Learn how we were able to straighten the teeth with Accelerated Invisalign and watch as we begin the smile ... ...

Teeth Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning | Dentist Reviews How Teeth Are Cleaned!

Teeth Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning | Dentist Reviews How Teeth Are Cleaned! In this tooth cleaning video, Dr. Sami reviews how teeth are cleaned at the dentist. ...

Make dental decay go away : 10 steps to healthy teeth for life

Dr Angela gives her top 10 tips on how to prevent dental decay. Dental decay is the most common preventable disease, don't be another statistic, watch this ...

How Teeth Are Cleaned At The Dentist

This video shows a close-up view of a routine dental cleaning by a dental hygienist. Watch how I use the ultrasonic to clean the teeth then polish after! If ...

Oral and general health animation

This animation shows the links between oral health and general health and is aimed at health care professionals and carers whose role involves supporting ... ...

COVID-19: Choosing Masks for Dental Procedures

Different types of face masks serve different purposes in the dental setting. Infection control experts Eve Cuny, MS, of the University of the Pacific Arthur ...

Dental Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs – Boston Children's Hospital

The Department of Dentistry at Boston Children's Hospital cares for children, adolescents, teens and people with special health care needs, like autism ...

A New Model of Dental Care Empowering Patients

Learn how community dental health coordinators are helping patients understand the value of dentistry, navigate dental care and take control of their oral ...

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