Throughout Key Stage One (ages 5-7), pupils study themselves as creating people and as members of their communities. They’re constructing on their very own experiences and on the early studying targets for private, social and emotional growth.

They study the essential guidelines and expertise for maintaining themselves wholesome and secure and for behaving effectively.

Oral well being is a vital space for Key Stage One kids, each inside science instructing, and Private, Well being & Social Schooling (PHSE).

Youngsters aged 5-7 ought to know:

  • Methods to make easy decisions that enhance their well being and well-being.
  • To keep up private hygiene.
  • That taking train and consuming the correct kind of meals assist to maintain wholesome.

Our Key Stage One sources clarify how it’s worthwhile to be an excellent buddy to your mouth and enamel, methods to take care of them and what totally different enamel do.


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