What’s dental occlusion?

Dental occlusion is one other identify for the best way your tooth meet when your jaws chunk collectively.

What sort of issues may I’ve?

In case your tooth do not match collectively correctly, you possibly can have issues not solely in your tooth themselves, but in addition within the gums, the temporo-mandibular joint or the muscle tissue that transfer your jaw.

These issues are referred to as ‘occlusal’ issues. Dental occlusion is one other identify for the best way your tooth meet when your jaws chunk collectively.


Tooth which might be out of line, closely worn or always breaking, fillings that fracture or crowns that work unfastened could all be indicators of occlusal issues. Your tooth might also be tender to chunk on or could ache always.


Unfastened tooth or receding gums could be made worse by an incorrect chunk.


The letters TMJ are quick for ‘temporo-mandibular joint’, which is the joint connecting your decrease jaw and your cranium. The motion on this joint enables you to open and shut your mouth and chew backward and forward.

Clicking, grinding or ache in your jaw joints, ringing or buzzing in your ears and problem in opening or closing your mouth might all be as a result of your tooth not assembly one another correctly.

Muscle mass

In case your jaw is within the incorrect place, the muscle tissue that transfer the jaw should work rather a lot tougher and may get drained. This results in muscle spasm. The primary signs are continuous complications or migraine, particularly very first thing within the morning; ache behind your eyes; sinus ache and pains in your neck and shoulders. Typically even again muscle tissue are concerned.

How can I inform if I’ve an issue?

Many individuals have imperfect occlusion and lacking tooth, but by no means have signs as a result of they modify to their issues. Sometimes, in instances of elevated stress and rigidity, the signs could seem after which go away instantly. Or, your tooth and gums could also be affected right away and, as an alternative of complications, you could endure from:

  • Toothache with no obvious trigger.

If you happen to suppose you’ve gotten any of those issues, ask your dentist. 

You could discover that you just clench or grind your tooth, though most individuals who do aren’t conscious of it. Typically this may be brought on by nervousness, however typically most individuals clench their tooth when they’re concentrating on a job – housekeeping, gardening, automobile mechanics, utilizing a keyboard and so forth.

You could get up within the morning with a stiff jaw or tenderness whenever you chunk collectively. This could possibly be as a result of clenching or grinding your tooth in your sleep. Most individuals who grind their tooth do it whereas they’re asleep and should not know they’re doing it.

If you happen to endure from extreme complications, or neck and shoulder ache, you could not have linked this with attainable jaw issues. Or you could hold having ache or discomfort on the aspect of your face round your ears or jaw joints or problem in shifting your jaw. These are all signs of TMJ issues.

If you’re lacking some tooth behind your mouth, this may occasionally result in an unbalanced chunk, which might trigger uneven strain in your tooth.

Collectively, all these signs are referred to as ‘TMJ syndrome’.

How are these issues handled?

See your dentist. They can provide help to or could refer you to a specialist who offers with occlusal issues.

Relying on the signs you’re having, it may be attainable to identify the indicators of an occlusal downside. Numerous muscle tissue could also be sore when examined, or the damaged and worn areas of your tooth will present you’re grinding your tooth – a typical signal of an incorrect chunk.


Counseling and relaxation therapy could assist in some circumstances. These strategies assist the affected person to turn into extra conscious of nerve-racking conditions and to manage rigidity.

Eating regimen and train

As with every joint ache, it could actually assist to place much less stress on the joint. So a tender weight-reduction plan could be useful, as can corrective workouts and making use of warmth. Physiotherapy workouts can usually assist, and your dental staff might be able to present a few of these to you. 

Dental guard

There are able to put on gadgets obtainable that are designed to guard the tooth and assist forestall the TMJ from clenching and grinding.

Tooth adjustment (equilibration)

Your tooth could have to be rigorously adjusted to fulfill evenly. Altering the route and place of the slopes that information your tooth collectively can usually assist to reposition the jaw.

In case your dentist suspects that your signs are as a result of an incorrect chunk, they could assist to enhance the issue by providing you with a tough plastic equipment that matches over your higher or decrease tooth. This equipment must be measured and fitted very precisely in order that whenever you chunk on it, all of your tooth meet at precisely the identical time ready the place your muscle tissue are relaxed. You might have to put on this on a regular basis or simply at evening. If the equipment relieves your signs then your chunk could have to be corrected completely. Reduction in some sufferers is instantaneous: in others it could actually take a very long time.

Substitute of tooth

The temporo-mandibular joint wants equal help from either side of each jaws. The chewing motion is designed to work correctly solely when all of your tooth are current and within the appropriate place. Lacking tooth could have to be changed both with a partial denture or a bridge.

Your dentist won’t often exchange lacking tooth till they’re sure you’ve gotten occlusal issues.


Sure medicine may help in some circumstances, however that is often solely non permanent. Hormone alternative remedy might also assist some girls.

Will straightening my tooth assist?

In case your tooth are too far out of line or in a completely incorrect chunk place, you could have to have an orthodontic appliance (brace) fitted to maneuver them into a greater place.

How many individuals endure from these issues?

As much as 1 in 4 folks could have some signs. Each women and men are equally affected, though girls are likely to ask for remedy extra usually than males. The signs can usually begin with the menopause or different hormonal modifications.

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