Canine Dental: Taking Care of Your Dog's Teeth – VetVid Episode 001

In this episode, we learn the importance of properly caring for your dog's teeth. We'll find out what you can do to prevent dental ... source

Visiting the Dentist!

This video is brought to you by the Child and Teen Checkups program of the Minnesota Department of Health. If you live in Minnesota, learn more at ...

Abrasive teeth cleaning method  vs AIRFLOW method

The AIRFLOW treatment with PLUS® powder has been proven to be faster and more comfortable, removing biofilm in a minimally invasive way without ... source

Houston Cosmetic Dentist…Worst Tartar I have seen! Watch how we remove it…

Houston Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Terri Alani, the TexasToothLady, shows how to remove super thick tartar...One of the worst cases she has ever seen...The ...

New! Oral Care Kit

Get that fresh from the dentist clean feeling with the DenTek Oral Care Kit. The pick effectively removes food and plaque from between teeth and the scaler ...

Professional dental cleaning on patient with mild gingivitis

Guided Biofilm Therapy on a patient with low grade gingivitis. Probing depths were between 1-2 mm with localized bleeding in a few areas of the mouth. source

Take Your Dental Hygiene Routine to the Next Level

How much does it cost to have a great smile? Turns out, a lot less than the cost of not doing a few simple things every day. The importance of our dental and ...

How teeth should be cleaned at the Dentist / Hygienist

For Patients: Professional tooth cleaning with GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY makes you feel good. A cleaning session is like a wellness spa experience. source

Preventive dental care: Beyond the basics

You know to brush and floss daily and visit the dentist regularly. Learn what else you can do to keep your teeth and gums looking their best. source

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