The Best Dental Implant Clinic in Singapore

the best dental implant clinic in Singapore

A missing or damaged tooth is certainly a problem for many. Primarily, the problems relevant to the missing tooth can also cause embarrassment on an individual level. Well, you might argue about whether or not one should be embarrassed about this problem, but there’s no denying the fact that a broken, damaged, and missing tooth can hinder the basic functionality of teeth. So, a replacement via dental implant is a must, whether it’s one of the canines, molars, pre-molars, or incisors causing the issue.

But the genuine query that must be bothering you is, how and where to find the best dental implant clinic in Singapore? Well, it’s a rightful concern, since a dental clinic should readily be chosen after thorough research. And when it comes to a service as complex as a dental implant, you should go through all the quality checks before choosing a dentist. That has bothered you even more, didn’t it? But we have made the whole thing easier for you.


This article rolls out the best dental implant clinic that you should opt for in Singapore. After extensive research and check-marking all our quality parameters, we’ve figured out that Meiplus Dentalcare is by far the best clinic for a dental implant. We’ve explained why we think they’re the best. But before that, here’s a little something about the concept of dental implants and their advantages:

Dental Implants: The Basic Concept and Advantages

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that works as an alternative to the natural tooth root. It is based on three primary parts: the implant body, an abutment on the top of the implant, and the crown which is basically the replacement tooth. It works as both a permanent and temporary (removable) replacement tooth. It is custom designed (or fabricated) in a way that it fully resembles an individual’s natural teeth.

Dental implants primarily work as the best solution to broken or damaged tooth problems. These are the well-known advantages of dental implants:

  • Appearance: Since the crowns are fabricated to resemble the natural teeth, they look completely natural with no apparent distinction whatsoever. Likewise, implants are permanent, hence there’s no need to remove the replacement teeth, unlike dentures.
  • Functionality: Implants are fixed within the bone. So, there’s no slipping of teeth and hence, no stammering when uttering the words. It means that if someone faces problems with speech due to tooth issues, a dental implant can fix that! In addition, implants ensure a chewing experience like natural teeth, which isn’t always the case when using dentures.
  • Durable: Unlike other teeth replacement treatments, dental implants are highly durable and last for a lifetime if cared for properly. It implies that a dental implant can be your permanent broken tooth solution owing to its durability and the convenience of the process itself.
  • Easy Process: The process of dental implant itself is simple, easy, and painless. On top of that, the replacement tooth is fabricated to fit the size and shape of the neighboring teeth. Hence, there is absolutely no need to reduce the size of other teeth to add more space, just as other teeth replacement solutions require. The best thing about implants is that it could be done for a single, individual tooth without bothering any of your natural teeth, leaving them all intact and strong.

Meiplus Dentalcare: The Best Dental Impant Clinic in Singapore

Meiplus Dentalcare, a one-of-a-kind dental clinic located at Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, is your go-to spot for the best dental implant services. Aside from their highly professional and trained team of dentists, their working process is quick and efficient, that starts with a painless 3D oral examination using a digital intraoral scanner. We’ve explained their process in detail down here. But before we get to that, here’s the basic information about Meiplus Dentalcare, the best dental implant clinic in Singapore:

MEIPLUS Dentalcare

  • Best Services: Tooth Replacement via Dental Implants, Full mouth implants,Digital Guided implants, Korean tooth veneers and Invisalign
  • Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-24, Singapore 082001
  • Contact Information: WhatsApp: (65) 9787 1209 – Email:
  • Operating Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri: 9:00 to 18:00 – Tue, Thu: 9:00 to 20:00 – Sat: 9:00 to 16:00
  • Website:

The Dental Implant Process of Meiplus Dentalcare

Here’s the detailed process that Meiplus Dentalcare follows in its complete dental implant treatment:

1. Oral Examination

First and foremost, the expert dentist will walk you through your problem and conduct a complete oral examination. Note that this oral examination is conducted by a digital intraoral scanner which is touch-free and creates a 3D image of your teeth. Your dentist will examine your entire mouth with this 3D image. This includes your teeth, soft tissues, gum, jaw, and even your bite force.

2. Consultation

Consult with your dentist to decide on a complete treatment plan. Meiplus Dentalcare offers multiple treatment options for dental implants, so you’ll get to know about all suitable options based on your problem. Decide on the most appropriate one based on your preferences and the dentist’s expert advice.

3. Implant and Fixture Placement

Once you’ve decided on the viable treatment option, it’s time for fixture placement. Meiplus offers two options for the placement of fixtures: single-step and double-step placement. For the former one, the implant is fixed and the abutment is placed in one step. For the latter one, the implant is placed in the first step and the abutment is placed later after the removal of the temporary crown.

4. Crown Placement

Two to three months after the implant placement, the crown is placed to complete the process (the healing time span may vary based on the location of the implant and the dentist’s observation). But the crown itself is fabricated to match the natural appearance of your tooth. To serve this purpose ideally, the dentist will use the intraoral scanner to see through the exact shape of your teeth.


The dental implant is one of the most viable teeth replacement solutions. But make sure you’re at the right place when having your teeth replaced via the dental implant. Based on our extensive research, Meiplus Dentalcare is by far the best dental implant clinic in Singapore, thanks to its efficient treatment procedure and digital scanning process for proper insights into the problem a patient is facing. If you’re on a budget and aim to pay in installments, Meiplus rolls out an installment plan as well. So, it’s all convenient, comfortable, sophisticated, and budget-friendly at Meiplus Dentalcare. Book your appointment today!

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