Medical Tourism
Medigo has shut down their medical travel platform

In recent times, we’ve seen the speedy development of on-line facilitated medical journey portals the place sufferers can analysis their choices for ...

The medical travel survivors of COVID-19 will be the ones that benefit in 2021

On December 31, 2019, the World Well being Group discovered about plenty of circumstances of pneumonia of unknown origin in Wuhan Metropolis, China. On ...

What can Google Trends tell us about medical tourism in 2020?

Google has reported that 5% of all searches are healthcare associated. Google Traits, a web-based software that analyses the recognition of search queries ...

The economic value of medical tourism is often the forgotten piece in the jigsaw

We know how difficult it is to measure medical tourism flows. e.g. How many patients travel from Country A to Country B for treatment? But if you’re ...

10 million are projected to be on the UK’s NHS waiting list by Christmas: will this drive medical travel?

The UK is not alone in dealing with burgeoning waiting lists. Few healthcare systems around the globe have remained unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. ...

Is your business ready for a medical travel recovery?

Sometime in the not too distant future, we may see things get back to a “near normal” and medical travel may even see some regrowth. So, what practical ...

The new skills needed for international patient management

With the complexity and confusion surrounding travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, and vaccination certificates and passports, is now the time to ...

Long Covid – an opportunity for medical travel?

With “Long Covid” affecting many who recover from the virus, how will health systems cope with the demand for treatment? Could medical travel destinations ...

Why fertility travel will be one of the winners post-Covid

Within the world of medical tourism, fertility travel – travel for IVF treatment – is a market niche that receives too little attention. When the world ...

The shift from price to safety, confidence and trust in medical tourism

For many years and for many destinations, “low prices” has been the clarion call of destinations and providers seeking medical tourists. But will COVID-19 ...

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